Learn how to drive from the scratch

  • We provide personalized, one-on-one driving lessons that are tailored to the precise driving techniques you wish to improve to give you more confidence on the road.
  • Individuals (18+) who are studying for their driving test or adults who need a refresher on a particular driving ability would benefit greatly from private lessons.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 who has completed the Teen Drivers Ed program but has areas they want further coaching and practice with before taking their driving test would benefit greatly from private lessons. Similar to this, private lessons are excellent for anyone who failed their driving test and wants to focus on a few key areas before retaking the test.
  • A person who wants to exercise a little bit before the driving state exam 

This lessons is for

-Who wants to pass the state driving exam

-Who already pass the Teen'Ed class but still want to practice

-Who already in the road but still need more practice

Private Lesson








You will receive full education how to driving on the road with our team members.  Our team guarantee that you will pass the state driving exam. If not, your course will be free for the next try. 

Please email us at munrosdrivingrenton@gmail.com to schedule


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What will you get?

The private lesson is covering the entire craft course design to help you pass the state driving test and be able to drive on the road.

Schedule and Availability

We're available all days of the week, including weekends. You only can schedule on our available hours of work. Please visit us to find out.

Private lesson notice

The lesson will be divided into multiday. You can only schedule 1-2 hours a day on our schedule.

Student be able to drive on the road
Pass the exam
Student happy with the service


If you have any question please email it to us. Our team will response as fast as we can