How challenging is this test?
Despite claims to the contrary, the driving exam in Washington is not very challenging. Just stay clear of enough technical blunders for roughly fifteen minutes. Very seasoned drivers have failed the exam, while some really dreadful drivers have succeeded.

Why not simply flunk the frightening ones?
 We're not allowed to do that. The scoring of the test is quite straightforward; if you make a technical mistake, you lose the equivalent number of points. For instance, if you stop ON a stop line rather than behind it, you will receive a 2-point fine. No matter how much experience you have, the points are still taken away. It is fairer if we are not permitted to inject our opinions.

Be Confident
The biggest thing you have to face is yourself. Let yourself be relaxed to get in the most comfortable mood to drive because if you fail, don't worry, you can do it again. The worry of traffic on the road is not only your own but also many other people's, let your mind relax to conquer the examiner.
What can I anticipate from the driving test?
The driving test includes:
+Driving for 15 to 20 minutes
+No driving on highways
+It's best to come a few minutes early because the examiner won't try to fool or confuse you.
What is checked during the driving test?
 Correct sign and light identification - You must understand the various signs, lights, and pavement markings.
Use the proper backing technique. You will be instructed to reverse your car around a corner to the right, keeping as near to the curb as you can, and to back it up until you are told to stop.
 Your capacity to park on a slope – You will be instructed to leave your car parked as though it were unattended.
 The ability to parallel park- You will be instructed to reverse into a spot between four poles, two cars, or one car with a fictitious automobile positioned about 1 1/2 car lengths to the rear.
Safe re-entry into traffic from a stopped position - You will be told to halt at the side of the road and then drive back into it.
Speed limits- Respect the posted speed limit. Don't go above the limit, but also don't go so slowly that you annoy other drivers.
What other tests will I undergo?
-Moving through traffic
-Being in the correct lane Lane change indication
-The blind spot on your vehicle
-Maintaining a safe distance behind other cars
-Indicating how far in front of a turn to back off
- Easily, totally, and precisely stopping
Backing up
-You turn to your right and look back
-A straight line of reversal
-The ability to drive with control Checking for pedestrians and other cars
The act of crossing a busy or blind crossroads
-Looking for markers, signals, pedestrians, and other vehicles
-Proper right-of-way taking and yielding
-Obeying road signs, traffic signals, and other directional signage
- Cutting the lane without turning into the correct one
-Avoiding widening into the wrong lane while turning  

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