The knowledge exam's test questions are all taken from this book. This is available for free at any DOL licensing office, or you may obtain a digital PDF copy below (also free). This is the sole method of exam preparation! Too many exam takers are trying to find ways to skip reading this booklet by hunting for shortcuts. All of the "online practice exams" that our teachers have taken and seen haven't contained any of the test's real questions.
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Is the test difficult?
 No, if you read the book carefully, it will be very easy. The book will cover all the knowledge that will be covered in the exam.  

What chapters of the book need to I focus on?
The entire book will be covered in test questions. You should already have the traffic signs on the covers committed to memory. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 include the majority of the incorrect questions that test takers encounter.

Last but not least!
Don't worry if you don't pass the test, you have 2 chance to do it so if you don't pass on the first time, re-study and try on the second time. It's not the test of your life so take it easy and let the stress away before the test.

What's the next step?
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